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This is where our passion to help others and train dogs comes in to its own. Dog training can be used to tackle anything from toilet training a puppy, sorting out a stubborn behavioural pattern right through to confidence building or precision obedience. A positive attitude and patience are two things that are fundamental to make training a success. We are happy to give advice via our one to one consults, involving training and behaviour assessment. This helps us to give you a clearer understanding of the scale of the problem you are facing, as well as a realistic time frame and the costs involved.

What’s it all about…

Training is about tackling the good days and the bad days, in a consistent and calm manner so that dogs learn to act in a way that is expected and wanted of them. Progress will only come if the dog is ready to take on board what is being asked of them, and sometimes this really requires a lot of patience but most importantly knowledge in how to train and what next step to take.

The length of time allocated to developing a dog’s skills is often an estimate based on previous experiences. The first thing to remember is no dog is the same, even if they are the same breed or even brother or sister. All dogs are individuals but there are often very similar characteristics present that we as trainers recognise and use, allowing us to understand the dog’s reasons for behaving in such a way. The speed at which a dog learns is down to them feeling safe, trusting their trainer and happy in that training environment. This comfortable state of mind means that they take on board what is being asked of them. Learnt commands take time to become trained and ingrained behaviours, and it is only with time, a lot of effort and consistency that we can achieve this level of training.

The methods we use in training always focus on ensuring that all dogs stay happy mentally and physically. Clicker training, food based positive rewards and other methods of reinforcement are used. Our small set-up enables us to have a close relationship with all of the dogs we train. We cater for one to one interaction, as well as allowing dogs to socialise with others. We also like dogs to experience different surroundings and where possible train in new environments.

Tailoring training for you…

Our training programmes are tailored to each individual dog, dependent on the behaviours exhibited or the outcomes desired from the owners. Our ability to be flexible and adapt to the different needs of various dog breeds, ages and characters has helped us to achieve the success rate we have had with our training. Please visit our testimonials page for reviews on some of the dogs we have trained and advice we have given to past customers.

Our training courses can be tailored to offer different types and lengths of training; we are happy to advise which is most suitable for you and your dog, please contact us about these programmes and where possible give us a brief overview of your dog and requirements in training.

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