German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies – Litter D

German Shepherd Puppies – Litter D – Neve X Vico

Name: Neve
DOB: August 2009
Breed: German Shepherd
Pedigree: Caesaromago Neve

Name: Vico 
DOB: September 2006
Breed: German Shepherd
Pedigree: Optikas Gunner 

Neve gave birth to 9 pups on the 13th August (7 males, 2 bitches) There are a mixture of dark sables, bi-colours and blacks.

Neve is a very strong minded dog, with great power and a willingness to put her all in to everything she does. She is Luke’s full time operational security dog that has worked at many events including Henley Royal Regatta and Global Gathering. Neve’s mum (Little Bear at Caesaromago) is owned by a highly recommended trainer who has competed with her many times gaining great results:
2004 – NASDU Winner Agility Round,Protection and Search Round and Overall Trials Champion
2005 – NASDU Winner Agility Round, Obedience Round and Overall Trials Champion
2006 – A1K9 Reserve Champion
2007 – Third Yorkshire Working and Service Dog Trials
2007 – Winner with Maximum Points of the Agility Phase of A1K9 UK Championships
2007 – Winner A1K9 Protection Round
2007 – Overall Winner of the AIK9 UK Trials Championship

Vico is a highly regarded stud being very successful in his work. He is Schutzhund 3 and IPO3 competing at a national and international level. He has competed many times at a high level and recently competed in the UK Super trophy gaining a 2nd place with a score of 95/100 in tracking 83 in obedience and 94 in protection qualifying for the National trials in Hungary where he will be competing with dogs from all over the world. Vico is of a large size, all black and very athletic. His power and speed are some of his world class attributes. His obedience is very crisp with great focus and eagerness to please his handler. His protection work is outstanding with tremendous power and guarding abilities.
Vico’s father Zender vom Lusondai is a very renowned dog that is highly regarded for producing great working dogs. He came 5th in the WUSV in 2005.
This breeding contains some very respectable and known dogs including Zender vom Lusondai, Qinto van Haus Nuyens, SG Belschik von Eicken-Bruche and V Sirk vom Belchen with others from renowned kennels like Tiekerhook and Daelenberghutte.

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