German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies – Litter B

German Shepherd Puppies – Litter B – Christie X Czech

Name: Christie
DOB: September 2007
Breed: German Shepherd
Pedigree: Christie Ze Slovanskeho Domu
at Vaneldurk

Name: Czech
DOB: September 2006
Breed: German Shepherd
Pedigree: Vadamec’s Arron

This breeding brings a 4-5 line breed on VELMI DOBRY NORBO BEN-JU, who was on the World Team 6 times during his excellent working career. He was on the WUSV Team 3x’s for SchH3 and 3x’s for IPO3. He won The International Working Stud Show in Bratislava in October of 2000.

Judging by the strength, speed and agility of Christie and also the size, speed and presence of Czech, this mating should produce some strong and extremely able dogs.

The mating was chosen to keep the lines tight on Norbo and also to bring together the large sizes present in Czech and Christie’s overall stature and head size.

The working ability and speed of the pups will be strong, making them suitable for police, security or sport. Having seen both Christie’s and Czech’s working ability they both show high prey and defence drive, with stable nerve and aggression. Their ability to switch off and become placid around children and other animals is a advantageous characteristic.

We believe the pups will make great working dogs with great mental stability!

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