German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies – Litter A

German Shepherd Puppies – Litter A – Lara X Tyco

Name: Lara
DOB: April 2008
Breed: German Shepherd
Pedigree: Caesaromago Larissa at Vaneldurk

Name: Tyco
DOB: December 2004
Breed: German Shepherd
Pedigree: Nyrvana Yesterdays Dream

Description: This breeding brings a very nice 4,5-5 linebreed on Cordon An-Sat, a great producer of police and working dogs (Tom Z Pohranicni Straze). Lara’s first trial was earlier this year at the UKPPDA gaining a 3rd and a 4th in Obedience and Agility whilst her sister won the Obedience and Agility round and winning the whole trial.

Lara’s mum ‘Meg’ has won the following in previous trials:
2004 – NASDU Winner Agility Round,Protection and Search Round and Overall Trials Champion
2005 – NASDU Winner Agility Round, Obedience Round and Overall Trials Champion
2006 – A1K9 Reserve Champion
2007 – Third Yorkshire Working and Service Dog Trials
2007 – Winner with Maximum Points of the Agility Phase of A1K9 UK Championships
2007 – Winner A1K9 Protection Round
2007 – Overall Winner of the AIK9 UK Trials Championship  

Lara is a fantastic security dog, able to switch on and off when needed. Tycho has produced good sized pups and mixed with Lara’s father Atom this should provide a great size in the pups.
Training and working ability will not be an issue with these pups!


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