Our Dog and Pet care Specialists

????????????????????????????????????Name: Luke Chapman
Luke began working with dogs when he started in the security industry; he was just 18 years old when he bought his first trained security dog. With a keen interest in working dogs and a desire to work for himself, Luke worked hard to develop his own skills and knowledge of the working dog industry in the UK. From developing his skills and knowledge as a trained Dog Handler he became interested in the prospect of training dogs as a profession. Through regular training sessions with others he was driven by the performance of others around him, and knew that he wanted to be involved in achieving more from his relationship with dogs.
By 2010 Luke had trained numerous dogs of his own and been involved in regular security dog and handler training classes; where he learned a great deal from reputable, professional trainers. In 2010 Luke decided to start his own business, SP&S K9 Ltd, operating as Director and Dog Trainer. Within the first two years of operating, Luke helped the business to train and sell over 50 dogs for a selection of family homes such as working security handlers or Prison and Police forces. The organisation went from strength to strength, driven by Luke’s passion for dogs and his keen interest in training methods.
Luke has competed in several UK trails, including the UKPPDA and has completed his BIPDT qualification. He is currently a licensed B Grade helper for IPO, allowing him to train dogs and handlers in intense protection based work. He has most recently been working on his IPO competition dog Beckie in trials. He previously achieved an AD working trial certificate with Lara and most recently his BH, temperament test with Beckie.

Name: Mairi Chapman
From a young age Mairi lived and shared her home with Labradors. Her fascination with their soft nature left an imprint on her. She knew that dogs were destined to be part of her life in some form or other. Due to the area of Scotland she was brought up in she became aware of the skills of working labs as gun dogs and their loyalty as working obedient companions. After working in a boarding kennel near her home at the age of 16, Mairi wanted to one day have her own kennels where she would be sure to provide the best care for dogs and best customer service for owners.
Since leaving school Mairi steered her strengths towards business management, completing an Honours Degree in Business Management and Marketing with an insight to become self employed and succeed in developing and managing her own business. In 2010 Mairi set up SP&S K9 Ltd with Luke, and helped to direct it and manage the daily running of the business.
Over the past four years Mairi has developed her skills in understanding and reading dogs behaviours. She enjoys liasing with clients and assessing their problems; often helping to put them in perspective and set out a training plan to help resolve their issues. Her main roles involve caring for and training the puppies that we breed, as well as carrying out several of the essential pet services, such as home visits, doggy day care and dog walking.
p197jll1t418gm1bddfgukpb1i7t5Name: Rachel Chapman
Position: Director of Pet Services – Surrey
Rachel first started working with animals when she rescued her first cat, Zack, at the age of 13. Rachel found Zack on a rubbish dump and adopted him. He went on to live for 17 happy years, which started Rachel’s love for animals. Rachel later rescued a cockerpoo that was completely deaf. Rachel is learning fast and helping out at a local dog training class to become a pet dog trainer.
Rachel’s main roles in Pro-Vale involve managing the pet services section in Surrey, where she is our head dog walker. Rachel has a natural ability with animals. She is enthusiastic, caring and attentive. Rachel takes great pride in her training with Shadow and all of the work she puts in with the Pet services and animals.
Rachel currently competes with her German shepherd, Shadow, training regularly with BAGSD (British Association German Shepherd Dogs) in Reigate and is doing very well in her competitions. She has already achieved her Bronze and Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen awards and is working towards her Gold. She also recently qualified for Discover dogs 2014; and will now be competing at Crufts 2015.

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