The Benefits Of Group Dog Training Sessions

Our group sessions consist of two or more dogs. These can be from the same family or a few friends getting together to make the most of some training advice and having a trainer to hand. There is no stress put on those who attend, we like to have a relaxed atmosphere where we are all eager to learn and develop our own skills as well as those of the dogs.

The session would consist of some informal chatting and letting the dogs relax in the setting first, as well as setting out a clear target of what we each want to work on in that session. Demonstrations and hands on help from the trainer offer a helpful example, for you to learn from, follow and complete yourself. Assistance is given to help you be a more confident and able handler and owner, also helping you understand more about the signals your dog is giving you and what to do about them in a positive manner.

“Our goal is to make sure you leave each session happy and enthusiastic

Group sessions are great for dog owners to learn from the experiences and relationships of others with their dogs. Getting to know other dogs and their owners in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is there for the same reason is a great foundation to making friends and feeling less nervous about the tasks undertaken during the class.

Depending on the issue or skills that are worked on, we can offer training in almost any place or environment in order to replicate a life like situation. This training can be carried out at our premises or at your home, depending on who is attending and what situations/environments are needed for the training. Please get in touch to find out more about this service and see if it is suitable for you.

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