Tailored Walks To Suit Your Dogs Needs

Our dog walking service is very popular in Market Harborough. Using the residential streets, popular parks and footpaths to create our own routes and walks we walk we make sure that we take in to consideration the preferences, and the attitudes of the dog we are walking as well as being intuitive about the people and dogs we may meet. This ensures that we create an enjoyable walk for those we are out with.

Understanding if a puppy or an elderly dog is not yet confident or possibly doesn’t like walking next to fast moving traffic or loud busy parks is very important to us. Equally if we experience any change in behaviour or any signs of stress in any of the dogs we walk, we make sure to inform the owner and indicate the behaviour that was displayed. As dog trainers, we are constantly aware of dog behaviours and body language. It is very important to us to make sure that we keep an eye on the dogs we walk, to ensure all of our walks are enjoyable and as relaxing as possible for the dog.

Our dog walking service is very popular with owners that are working all day and need a helping hand in walking, exercising and playing with their beloved dogs. From 30 minutes to 1hr we can play, interact, walk and stimulate your dog to break up the boredom of being left at home for a long period of time.

We aim to have fun, allowing your dogs as much freedom as possible whilst keeping in full control. All of our walks are safe and well planned ensuring the maximum enjoyment for your dog.


1/2 Hour

• £7 for a group walk

• £10 for an individual walk

• £5 for each extra dog from the same family.


1 Hour

• £10 for a group walk

• £15 for an individual walk

• £5 for each extra dog from the same family.

Market Harborough

Market Harborough is a pretty market town situated in South Leicestershire, within the heart of Harborough District. Situated 15 miles south of Leicester city centre and on the border of Northamptonshire, the town boasts boutique style shops, high street stores as well as a diverse selection of supermarkets and trade stores.

With a rough population of 23,000 people, Market Harborough is a popular location to live, with fast rail links for commuters to London and a good location for travelling by car via the A6 and A14 – with the network of M1 and M6 motorways within 25 minute drive.

There is a large variety of housing schemes, town houses, terraces and village style developments around the town itself, making it an attractive location for those who like the feel of town living as well as those who like having the countryside on their back door step.

Dog Owners

There is a large population of dog owners within and around Market Harborough and plenty of walking routes for dog walkers to choose from. If you are not a dog owner you will very likely meet and see more than several dogs whilst out walking around the town and parks, so it pays to be a dog lover!

There are several parks and green areas within Market Harborough. Areas such as Welland Park, Burford Green, Little Bowden common and the large playing fields beside the Rugby club; all allow for pleasant walks around Market Harborough itself.

There are plenty of longer walks near Market Harborough in the surrounding suburbs. Farndon Fields links out towards Little Farndon village along country bridal paths. Walks also stretch out from Little Bowden and Great Bowden in to the country fields and along tributary canal paths, with clearly marked routes along public footpaths and bridal ways.

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