p198d22ps711js1neq1sjp1t0k14kf5Our home visits involve our experienced staff making instructed and scheduled visits to your home, to visit and tend to your pets whilst you are out. This is a service that would benefit pets who can cope with long periods without interaction with people i.e. cats, reptiles, fish and rabbits.
We can be on hand to visit them as and when directed by you whilst you are away from your home for a significant length of time, such as a holiday or a weekend break.

Our staff can watch over/spend time with your pet within the comfort of their own home, during this time we can…

• ensure your pet is fed/water changed
• cage/litter tray cleaned
• let out for the toilet
• walked/let out in garden for toilet

… what ever your preference, we can cater for it.

Pet home visits allow you as the owner to relax and have peace of mind, knowing your animal has not had to be uprooted from their home in order to board in an unknown home or kennel environment. Your pet can stay in its own home, surrounded by the usual smells and sounds, making it a less stressful experience whilst you are away.

Pet home visits also allow you the ease of returning from holiday/break without the need to plan or arrange collection of your pet from another location. We can also assist in giving your empty home added security by turning on lights, the radio or TV for periods between our visits.

If you feel a member of your family or a friend may not be available to commit fully to the entire holiday period or have the knowledge to look after your pet. You may feel it is too much to ask a neighbour to look after your pets, or too out of the way for a friend to visit. We can offer a solution for you.

Our team are highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of animals and we are on hand to help no matter the requirement.


We can offer pet home boarding, in our home, if you are finding it difficult to arrange someone to look after your pets and feel they need more interaction than one or two visits a day.

Please go to our home boarding service page to read more about what we can provide.

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