Pet Home Boarding Services

A yellow Labrador Retriever puppy sleeping in front of a roaring fire.

Making Sure your Pet Is Cared For…

We offer short-term boarding, in our own home, for small animals/ reptiles and dogs. Small pets that live in mobile cages are also catered for. Small animals will be fed and watered, exercised where applicable and regularly cleaned out. Any dogs will also live in our house, but must be good around other animals and have reasonable house manners.

  • Do you need temporary boarding for your pet?
  • Does your dog suffer from kennel stress?
  • Would you prefer a homely set-up to a boarding kennel?

Rabbits' hutch

You may feel a member of your family or a friend can not commit to full-time care for your animals, or they may not be experienced enough to look after your loved one, our home boarding may be a solution for you. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of animals.

Before taking on any new clients for our home boarding, we offer a free no obligation consultation over the phone or in person. We will run through your specific needs and routines. Any questions and queries you may have can be asked at this time to allow you peace of mind before booking. If you have any concerns about your dogs behaviour, please get in touch to arrange a consultation as you may be interesetd in our dog training services. Our home boarding services are available for pet owners in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Surrey. We also have a great pet care service in market harborough.

Please note that if any medication needs to be administered please mention this to our staff when booking and we will ensure to follow your guidelines and strict instructions.

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