The Benefits Of Our Doggy Day Care Services

Our day care is ideal for dogs that would otherwise be left on their own at home for the majority of the day. However it is also an opportunity for any dogs to socialise in a controlled environment with other dog breeds. We only socialise dogs as much as their owners would like and we never introduce dogs that won’t enjoy being among a large group of dogs.

A yellow Labrador Retriever puppy sleeping in front of a roaring fire.

We offer one to one and smaller group play sessions throughout the day and we are happy to accommodate ANY dogs that are dog friendly.

• Home from home environment
• Enclosed exercise paddock
• Woodland on our land for on-site walks
• Warm, clean and dry indoor area for relaxing and gentle play/interactions.
• Beds, toys and dog sofas provided to enhance relaxation.
• Separation available for dogs that prefer space to themselves.
• All breeds accepted.
• Entire males accepted.
• Dogs with aggression will be assessed before booking.
• Females in season will be accommodated through interaction with other females only, away from the main exercise areas and any males.


We try to replicate a home from home environment for our dogs. We do not allow the dogs to create havoc or run around excessively throughout the day. All dogs are given sufficient exercise for their age, breed and energy levels. Exercising, walking and playing is always monitored and watched over. We can also help to advise on training for your dog if it is of interest to you.

We are happy for dogs to be dropped off to our location before 9am. Our insurance covers us for key holding, which enables us to collect and drop off any dogs during convenient times as well as providing home visits.
As experienced dog owners and trainers, we are not afraid to take in males that are entire (not castrated), we are also happy to take females that are in season. If any issues arise we will inform you, and ensure that dogs unsettling others will be exercised alone or with other dogs of the same sex.

Before taking any dogs in we like to carry out a one to one meeting with you and your dog so that we can understand their character in their own home. This also gives you the chance to meet us and chat about what we can offer. Please contact us for more information or to request a consultation.

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