Breeding Working German Shepherd Puppies

 Breeding Working German Shepherd Puppies

Breeding working German Shepherd puppies is a passion of ours. Working to develop on our breeding, learning from each litter by assessing their attributes and consistent genetic characteristics across the whole litter. We stay in touch with those who buy our pups and really enjoy hearing from owners about how their dogs are progressing. We take all aspects of puppies development in to consideration, up to the age of 2 years; anything from toilet training, adaptability to lifestyle in new home, work ethic, drive shown during training, presence of prey instinct and protective instinct.

For us to deliver quality working pedigree German Shepherds we focus on breeding one litter at a time, with thought and care taken to consider the genetic matching between Dam and Sire. Our pups are bred for homes that look to develop their working knowledge as well as an array of working dog handlers, such as those in the security industry, dog sport, Police, Prison Service and the MOD.

With lots to gain from breeding and producing progeny we are proud of, we are aiming to develop our breeding programme into an quality gene pool, with highly regarded and well known working dogs throughout our pedigrees.


Working dogs have been proven in their speed, aggression, stability of the mind and build. Due to their presence and stunning build, we are looking to improve the current quality of working dogs that are available in the UK, by breeding what we believe to be worthy working lines.

As like any other Kennel, we have our eyes set on our ideal size, shape, character, drive in a male and female. By searching for this in every dog we buy or breed we learn more about the genes of the dogs and the early signs of true potential. With every mating we carry out we do it with serious thought about the end product and what we and others will achieve.

Our Promise

We do not take on breeding lightly and are very proud of our working brood bitches. We look to keep them in working shape at all times. Most are either operational security dogs or sport dogs, competing in IPO trials to achieve recognised certified qualifications in temperament, tracking, obedience and protection.

We recognise the energy that it takes from our females whilst in whelp and in the early stages of puppy development. Without our females we would not be able to produce working dogs for our future and because of this we understand the need to keep them in good shape and health, with our complete love and attention.

We believe that no dog owner or breeder should take on the task of breeding unless they are fully prepared for all eventualities that could arise throughout the whole process. With any breeding we do, we do it with serious planning, research in to the mating and pedigrees and a shortlist of health and performance requirements that must be met by the sire and dam.

Previously known as VANELDURK GSD’s, our Kennel name Pro-Vale ensures that any dogs sold from our breeding or bred with by others in the future will hold our name in their Pedigree.

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